Meet the Team Series: Amy

One of our standout values Always Learning is definitely relevant for one of our newest graduates, Amy! Learn more about her experience so far working at Optimising....

24 Jun 2021


Meet The Team Series: Isadora

We finally caught up with our newest PPC member, Isa (and proud resident of KP aka Kangaroo Point in Brisbane). We chatted about how she made the leap to the land of PPC (spoiler: it's not what you expect)....

28 May 2021


Our Picks For Mother's Day

Still stumped on finding the right Mother's Day gift? Here are a few of our Top Picks from our client community....

06 May 2021


Meet the Team Series: Marcus

Earlier this year we commenced our 2021 graduate program, in partnership with Swinburne University, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Over the last two months, our grads have demonstrated a growth mindset, endless enthusiasm and most of all a determination to learn all things ...

03 May 2021

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