How Optimising helped people travel to Italy on a Lygon St Ads budget

Thinking bigger: the local market is not enough

After a website revamp, director of Italy Touring, Andrew Geils, discovered that the company needed much more than organic traffic. They lacked proper visibility in their search results, which meant that they couldn’t reach a national audience outside of their already-established Melbourne clientele.

After a discovery and planning session with the Optimising team, we decided on Google Ads to increase demand for their tours from users outside their local brick-and-mortar location. 

The Client

Offering bespoke services for a niche clientele

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Italy Touring are a boutique travel agency that create curated tour experiences through some of Italy’s most popular regions.

Not your average travel agency, the company services travellers looking for a more authentic Italian experience than those provided by commercial travel agencies.

Using their own knowledge, contacts and experience of all the wonders Italy has to offer, Italy Touring offers tailored experiences that are “memorable, intimate, and extremely unique”.

The Challenge

Ranking high amid heavy competition

Italy Touring’s bespoke product offering was a boon to the growing number of travellers who were looking to move away from the many run-of-the-mill tours organised by big-name travel agencies.

However, their immature organic rankings made it difficult for the company to make themselves known in front of these potential customers, who were typically also heavy Internet users always on the look-out for less conventional products. Italy Touring needed to rank high outside of their Melbourne-based brick-and mortar travel agency, particularly on a national level.

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Our Solution

Increased visibility or bust

Instead of fighting an uphill battle and competing with large national travel agencies with bigger budgets, Optimising aimed for a third or fourth position on Google to maximise budget and exposure.

Considerably, this move still positioned them at the top of search results. Combining that with the creation of carefully-crafted ad copy which highlighted their unique selling proposition, we were able to increase traffic to the website while substantially keeping within their budget.

The Result

Getting the eyeballs on a small-business budget

Italy Touring got what they wished for - they reached a national audience on a local budget.They were thrilled to discover that interstate clients were pleased about their existence, thanks to their custom-made tour experiences and niche offerings.

Enquiries have continued to come in from all corners of Australia, which have given Andrew and the team from Italy Touring even more opportunities to  help people realise their vacation dreams.

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