Samsung's latest phone, aka 'phablet' (half phone, half tablet) is a giant 5.3" monster. On first use I thought I could never get use to a phone this big. That impression only lasted a day or so. 

Now the phone doesn't even look odd to me. I originally bought this device as an interim phone until the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes out, but now I am thinking my next phone might be the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ! It works brilliantly as a GPS (the screen is nearly as big as a dedicated GPS device), great for emailing and even better for watching videos/podcasts on the vibrant 320dpi screen. 


The first 6 people that saw my phone all did the 'Pocket Test' - check to see if the phone actually does fit in their pockets! And it surprisingly does, easily. Being the typical tinkerer/Android fanboy I am, the first thing I did was root (jailbreak) the Galaxy Note, and install a custom ROM (ICS Stunner for those playing at home).

I didn't expect to ever use the stylus ('S Pen' = Samsung's lame name), and I was right. I avoid hand writing anything at all costs so I never bought this phone to free write instead of developing an SMS related RSI. 

So who is this phone actually for? If you walk around a lot holding the phone to your ear, then it's probably not for you. It's slightly awkward to hold for long periods of time. 

If you like emailing in your down time (i.e. on a train), watching NBA.TV on the go, or require directions a lot, then this is a great device for you.