We're really excited about these new iPad apps launch by the Federal Government to help Australian small business build their online presence through structured business and marketing plans. 

The iPad apps, MyBizPlan and MarketMyBiz, give small business a template for marketing plans and lets them think strategically about their business, while considering new approaches, like our brilliant SEO & PPC products, as effective marketing tools for selling online.


Owners and managers are embracing new technologies like tablets and smartphones & we hope the apps will give small business clear goals,  so when it comes to running SEO & PPC campaigns, they've got something that aligns perfectly with their overall business goals. The new digital approach from the Government is a big win for digital marketing in Australia. 

At Optimising, we found a lot of small businesses don't have marketing plans. So as an SEO provider, it makes working toward our clients' goals so much easier. It's fantastic that there's this kind of support for small business now, it really encourages them to take their marketing online. Optimising welcomes the apps, as they provide a valuable stepping stone toward considering online marketing, such as SEO & PPC, for their business. 

There's also some great online videos for the launch too, check them out on the business.gov.au YouTube Channel.